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Reverse engineering also called back engineering or back programming is the process of creating a new model of an element basing on a physical object. The next stage is generating technical documentation and finally creating the element.

Uses of reverse engineering:

Regular use of machines causes that sometimes parts and units of a given device are exploited and eventually break down. In such cases, reverse engineering is the best solution.

Reverse engineering enables precise scanning a broken part, restoring technical documentation and finally, creating a replacement.

Designing gives an opportunity to lower costs and reduce the risk of producing a faulty product. Thanks to having a 3D model it is possible to verify implemented changes and simulate occurring changes.

Advantages of reverse engineering:

🔹 High quality CAD data reflecting actual objects
🔹 Fast actualization of an existing model
🔹 Possibility of making changes in existing models
🔹 Possibility of designing elements suited ideally to existing mechanisms
🔹 Possibility of exchanging  data with any CAD systems
🔹 Shorter time of introduction an element into production thanks to creating an optimized model

We invite you to cooperate with us:

If you are looking for a company that will create for you 3D or 2D documentation for physical details of more or less complicated geometry you are in the right place! We also specialize in reconstruction of broken units. We are experts in the field of 3D modeling. Additionally we advise and support our clients.

If you have any questions write or call us, we will try to advise and meet your needs.

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