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How 3D scanning works

3D scanning is the process of getting the information about the shape, object’s geometry and next creating virtual, digital copy of the object. Thanks to a special software the digital model can be edited, processed and used for a visualization, a prototype or the control of geometry.

Having such triangle grid we can make a copy of an object thanks to a 3D printer.

Advantages of 3D scanning:

🔹 High quality measured data
🔹 Fast and precise measurement of the whole surface of a detail
🔹 Full measurement analysis thanks to a special software
🔹 Quality correction of a final product
🔹 Reduction the production cycle

3D scanning is used in many fields of industry: medicine, automotive, aviation, manufacturing industry and many more…

What we use to scan

High camera resolution, the application of blue light and unique technique Triple Scan, gives the opportunity to get the measurements with high accuracy and density of measuring points.

3D scanner, scans contact-free the whole surface of a component. ATOS device on the basis of millions measuring points automatically calculates the 3D coordinates in the form of point cloud of high resolution (STL triangle grid). A grid of this type describes free surface and surfaces of geometric figures, which later can be compared with graphs or CAD dataset in order to analyze shapes and dimensions.

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